Domain Name Registration FAQs

What’s included with my Domain Name?

Our prices include all administrative and registry fees for the number of years you are registered with us.

Furthermore, every domain name registered with us comes with:

- Free Domain Parking
- 24/7 Customer Support
- Easy Management Tools
- FREE Renewal Reminder
- Fast Domain Approval

How do I register a Domain Name?

All you have to do is lodge a search in the domain search box either at the top of this page or at our domain registration home page. You will be then told whether the domain is available or not. If it’s available, then you may continue with the order, if not, please search again. If you are hosting your website with OziBiz Promos, we will register and configure your domain name for you.

Is there any ongoing Hidden Fees?

No, once you have registered your domain name with OziBiz Promos it is yours, providing you pay the renewal every period it is due.

How many domains can I register?

As many as you like; there is no limit.

What if the name I want isn’t available?

Don’t be put off. There are lots to choose from.

If you want an International name, try using “.net”, “.org” or “.biz” instead of “.com”. In Australia there are many alternatives to choose from – “”, “” and “”.

If you still can’t find the name you want, contact us and we’ll be happy to suggest some for you.

Who owns my domain name?

Domain names are as a licence. As you hold the domain name licence you can do what you want with it. For example, you can use it to point to a web site or use it as an email address.

At OziBiz Promos all domain names we register are registered in the customer’s name. This means that for the duration of the registration period YOU are the licence holder of the domain name.

When the licence is due for renewal, you will have to pay a renewal fee. If you do not renew the licence, then it will become available for any eligible applicant to register on a first come first served basis.

Can I register a brand name?

If it is your brand-name then yes. However, it is your responsibility to make sure that you do not infringe on the rights of any other company or individual. If you register a brand-name or company name which belongs to another company as a domain name, we reserve the right to cancel the registration. Furthermore, you will be liable for any costs incurred as a result of the registration.

How long does my domain name take to register?

Wherever possible we will perform registrations as soon as your order is submitted online. However, some domain names do require manual processing and these will normally be processed within 1 working day.

Please note that automated registration only applies to the following domain names:
.com | .net | .org | .info | .biz | |

I don’t have a web site, can I still register a domain?

OziBiz Promos offers free domain name parking. When you are ready to start your web site please advise your requesting host or web developer of your user name, password and details along with your login url of

If you do not wish for your host or developer to have access to all your domains under your account, you may wish to assign a technical contact of the specific domain to your host/developer, giving them access to only that domain with their own username/password.
Alternatively ask your host/developer for the dns name server information and input the required information yourself.

If you are looking for a company to host your web site, OziBiz Promos can offer you affordable web hosting / e-mail facilities. Visit our ‘web hosting‘ section for more information.

What is a domain name?

A domain name (e.g. signifies your own unique address on the Internet. It is how your customers will remember you and find you among the millions of other web sites on the Internet.

How many characters can my domain name have?

Your domain name can have up to 63 characters, not including the extension ( or are examples of extensions).

My domain name still appears to be available?

Your domain name may still appear available on some Who Is search databases after you have registered it. Please allow 48 hours for your application to filter through all the registrars’ systems.

Who can register domain names?

To be eligible for a domain name in the 2LD, registrants must be:

a) an Australian registered company; or
b) trading under a registered business name in any Australian State or Territory; or
c) an Australian partnership or sole trader;
d) a foreign company licensed to trade in Australia; or
e) an owner of an Australian Registered Trade Mark; or
f) an applicant for an Australian Registered Trade Mark 1 ; or
g) an association incorporated in any Australian State or Territory; or
h) an Australian commercial statutory body.

Who can register domain names?

Anyone is eligible to register names in the major New Zealand extensions such as,, – you DO NOT need to be a New Zealand company to do so.

If you’re using the web site or email for personal use such as a Blogg, you might prefer a web site address.

What characters can be used in domain names?

Domain names can have up to 63 characters. This means that the domain name you choose – You will sometimes find references to 67 character domain names, this includes the dot and the letters c-o-m as an additional 4 characters.

One of the advantages of longer domain names is that you can register phrases such as or

The valid characters for use in a all domain name are:

- any of the letters a to z example
- any numbers 0 to 9 example
- you may also use a hyphen (-) example
- the domain can be a combination of numbers, letters and hyphens
- the domain can begin and end in a number example
- the domain name cannot begin or end with a hyphen
- the domain name must be a minimum of 2 characters long

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